Clear Overlay Films
Nikkalite™ offers two types of clear overlay film. 142 (A-Cal) and EF-40801 (F-Cal) both have excellent weatherability. They come with a pressure sensitive adhesive and an easy to remove liner paper.

Acrylic Cal (A-142)

Nikkalite Brand Acrylic Cal (A-142) sheeting is a pigmented highly transparent film with a pressure-sensitive adhesive and release paper. It has excellent weatherability and dimensional stability.


Excellent weather resistance and transparency.
Easy to apply and process.
Excellent adhesion to Nikkalite brand sheeting.


Manufacturer’s testing has found the adhesive forms a durable bond to most Nikkalite retro-reflective sheeting.

If A-142 is applied to any surface other than Nikkalite retro-reflective sheeting used for conventional traffic signs; prospective users should contact Nippon Carbide Industries (USA) Inc. for advice before such applications.


A-142 is available in clear transparent only.


Based on tests conduced in our laboratory and outdoors, film can be expected to perform satisfactorily for 10 years.

Material Safety Data Sheet (MSDS)


Hi-S Cal EF-40801

Nikkalite Brand Hi-S Cal EF-40801 is a highly durable, solvent resistant and easily applied transparent overlay film. It is made of pure fluoride resin and can be used for 10 years or more in the outdoors. The film has superior UV-resistance and UV-absorbency so durability of the substrate overlaid with EF-40801 also increases. Hi-S Cal EF-40801 film is resistant to staining and almost all types of solvents. The film acts like a barrier to spray paint and surface contamination and can be easily cleaned with a solvent-wipe.


When Hi-S Cal EF-40801 is applied as a protective transparent overlay film on a retro-reflective sign, the sign will have a longer performance life. The sign will also be easier to maintain, because surface contamination such as stains, graffiti and bills on the film can be easily removed.


Screened ink must be completely dried prior to applying Hi-S Cal EF-40801. The sign surface should be cleaned and dried prior to application. Hi-S Cal EF-40801 does not adhere to itself.


Keep away from flam or heat. Product is flammable and will release toxic gas upon ignition.


Materials Safety Data Sheet (MSDS)


Data Sheet


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